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Sometimes you just have to take a step of Faith!

My love for cooking has been...let's say....a work in progress.  My son loves to tell the story of the pork chops that started out normal sized but when I was through with them...they were the size of a hockey puck....and tasted like one too!!  But over the years I have developed my own taste and style of cooking that includes blending freshness, spices, quality, and fun!  I enjoy my time in the kitchen: it's my comfort zone.


Over the years I have helped friends and family with their gatherings, all the while hearing them say "you should really start your own business".  Nahhh....not me.  But then I thought, why not?  It's something I truly love to do and I think I'm really good at it!  So, I did it: I prayed and took the step of Faith to start my own catering business!


As the creator of some fantastic food, I can guarantee this: you will smile, laugh, drool, and completely enjoy every aspect of the dish I prepare for you.  I don't make dishes that you will be afraid to eat or that leave you searching for the closest take-out on the way home.  I make satisfying and blissfully scrumptious morsels of food that can only be described experience!


So....for your next dinner party, shower, wedding, family gathering, or candlelight dinner for two....I'm in! 



Best Regards and Best Dishes....

Michelle Mathis  

I'm a description

Licensed and Insured

Certified by Learn2serve food Safety Management Principles

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