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Doing Our Part...

In order for things to change...things must change!! At "Kiss the Cook" Food Experiences, we believe, support, and encourage change!!  We have supported and organized fundraisers, provided meals for community activities, and love to give a hand when needed.  If you know of any local needs, feel free to let us know!!  Below are some events with pictures of what we have had the privilege to be a part of!! 


July 29: Grand Opening for River Valley Community Resource Center 



11/24 Small Business Saturday in New Castle
Nov. 11 Bridal Expo PGH
Feb. 9 Respite Dinner for the Tim Tebow "Night to Shine" prom

Feb. 1 Meals for "PLUMB and We Are Messengers" concert

SBS in New Castle News.jpg


"The Landing" ministry Fundraiser/Yardsale

               at New Life Baptist Church

    Fundraiser Dinner for a cancer survivor

       Funeral costs for an uninsured child

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